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After dipping his toes in the world of playwriting with pantomimes and spoofs for local (amateur) amateur drama groups, Keith Trezise began writing in earnest after winning the 1997 Little Theatre Guild One Act Play Competition.  Four of his plays are now published by

Four Play

A ‘fifty-minute-farce’ that sees Gary attempting to seduce the lovely Kate. Things get slightly complicated when Digger, Gary’s work colleague, arrives a week early to move in with Gary whilst he sorts his failing marriage out - especially when it turns out that Kate is Digger’s wife! If that wasn’t bad enough, Gary’s estranged wife, Claire, arrives for a ‘chat’ with Gary and it is only by sheer luck and boundless energy that Gary keeps everyone apart. Inevitably though, luck can’t last forever and the whole situation has to be sorted out before things get too out of hand - especially after Claire suspects Gary and Digger of being gay lovers!

Published Titles

Full Length

Dying To Be Heard

A comedy exploring the communication difficulties within a family

One Act


Prize-winning drama about the pressures of every day life and how it affects one man

Four Play

A fifty minute farce

Branching Out

A tongue-in-cheek socio-political play set in the branches of a big tree.  Awarded The Barbara Huntley Cup at 50th Woking Drama Festival

Work In Progress

Last Pub On The Road To Sanity - musical

Curtain Call - a play with a twist (now published)

A Near Perfect Ending- 10 minute play

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