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Based in Warwickshire, Keith Trezise has been an entertainer for all of his adult life as well as being an accomplished writer and has had several plays published.

In the early seventies he played in a very popular midlands vocal harmony group before moving on to another outfit that were interested in developing their own music. This was followed by several years on the club circuit with an accomplished dance trio, which laid the groundwork for his solo career by developing his guitar playing skills and fine-tuning his excellent vocal talents

The eighties was the time when Keith started to nurture his song writing talents, which resulted in his (home-made) CD ‘Perfect Harmony – Almost!’, which features all self written music.

Keith switched between entertaining and writing during the nineties, writing many short stories, several plays and a full length comedy sci-fi novel. He found minor success with his writing career by having four plays published and winning a national play writing competition.

The start of the 21st Century has seen Keith reinventing his singing career with songs from the golden era of the sixties and seventies, culminating in a short season in Cyprus in 2004
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